The following is a statement from Wauwatosa mom and Support Our Schools Wauwatosa President Stacy Lynch in response to Governor Walker’s “State of the State” address:

Ms. Lynch: “After $1.1 billion in painful budget cuts, how are our kids’ public schools better off than they were six years ago? We parents are looking for champions who will fully fund our kids’ schools and raise the revenue cap that prevents school boards from funding needed programs.”

Ms. Lynch is responding to Gov. Walker’s prepared statement, in which he plans to say, “Are the people of Wisconsin – you, me, us – better off than we were six years ago? The answer is a resounding yes.”


About SOS Wauwatosa: 

SOS Wauwatosa ( is an independent, nonpartisan group of citizens who believe in kids and their Wisconsin public schools. The group is advocating to the Wisconsin state legislature for:

1) An increase in the state-imposed revenue cap, which restricts the amount of funding that can be spent on K-12 public schools
2) An increase in per pupil state funding for K-12 schools to prevent cuts and promote innovation in classrooms
3) A pause to the statewide expansion of voucher and private charter schools until accountability standards for all schools receiving taxpayer dollars are the same.

About Wisconsin School Funding: 

Wisconsin state spending on voucher schools has increased 14% since 2010, while spending on public schools fell by 4%, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.


Contact: Shawn Rolland