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State Budget Signed

State Budget Signed

As our friends at the Wisconsin Public Education Network point out: "This budget is a 'down payment' on a path to funding fairness but it's not enough. The advocacy of thousands around the state helped make this a better budget, but it still sells our kids short." We...

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State Budget Signed

State Budget Signed

As our friends at the Wisconsin Public Education Network point out: "This budget is a 'down payment' on a path to funding fairness but it's not enough. The advocacy of thousands around the state helped make this a better budget, but it still sells our kids short." We...

TOSA Achieves

Often, it seems, that there is so much great news from the Wauwatosa Schools that we lose track. In an effort to keep up on all of the wonderful things that are taking place in our schools and to remind us what is at risk if we don’t protect them, this page will be dedicated to our district’s achievements.

Wauwatosa East seniors named National Merit Scholars
Congrats to Michaela and Charlotte! Great news on the last day of school for many Tosa students. Our kids and our schools are exceptional!

One of the best schools in the state! 
Go Raiders!!! Our Wauwatosa East High School is one of the TOP 10 high schools in Wisconsin, says U.S. News and World Report.
Our kids and our schools are exceptional!

Talented ‘Tosa teen headed to Carnegie Hall for winning prestigious national award
Wow! Out of 330,000 entries and 14,000 portfolios, Tosa East’s Sam Zanowski is one of 16 students to receive this national honor and a $10,000 scholarship — adding to the $700,000 in scholarship offers he’s received.

$700,000!?! Way to go, Sam! And go Wauwatosa School District!

Our kids are exceptional! 
Did you know we have some state champions in our midst here in the Wauwatosa School District? Yes, you heard us correctly.

Congratulations to Emma Stevens, Ruby Romant, Sophia Phillips and Ana Michaelson from Longfellow Middle School! As a team, these four beat out 142 middle school teams across Wisconsin in the state Battle of the Books competition! WOW!

The statewide Battle of the Books program is run by the Wisconsin Education Media & Technology Association (WEMTA). The intent of the program is to promote a love of reading among students. Students read a variety of books and need to remember information about the plots, characters, and settings for their competitions.

This year, Longfellow had 20 teams with 87 participants.

Additionally, Whitman Middle School students participated in the Battle of the Books this year for the first time, thanks to an EFW grant! Whitman had 16 teams with 60 participants. The school’s top team finished tied for 10th at state.

Our kids and our schools are the “best!” Here’s yet another example!
Can we just have a quick conversation about creativity? How about making a “city” out of recycled products..you know, items like plastic spoons, can tabs, and other crafty pieces? Well that’s exactly what some of our 8th grade MSTEM students at Whitman did and it won them an award for “Best Use of Recycled Materials” at the Regional Future City Competition on Jan. 21st!

Three Tosa East students to participate in Rose Parade
Nice! Three Wauwatosa East High School band members, Molly Lampone, Mairyn Schoshinski and Hantzsch, along with Greenfield High School junior Kyle Rusk earned the opportunity to be a part of 2017 Bands of America Honor Band through an application process.

Go Tosa Schools!
Wauwatosa School District has the top performing elementary school in the state, Wauwatosa STEM.

“I think there’s great staff, great teachers, great principals and parents that really support what’s going on,” said Wauwatosa Superintendent of Schools Phil Ertl. He says overall, their district is performing very well but there’s still room for improvement.
“We really try to target growth and how our students improve, not necessarily how they come in, but how they improve over time,” he said.

Wauwatosa joins several other area districts in the “Exceeds Expectations” category including Oak Creek-Franklin, Menomonee Falls, Glendale-River Hills and Mukwonago.

Congrats to Mr. Hayden and Tosa schools!
“The award recognizes ‘imaginative, creative, and innovative teaching practices in a music education setting.’ Hayden was nominated in 2015 by another music teacher in the state for his efforts in the area of music technology and popular music education, specifically the development of a commercial music program at his previous high school.

“‘This program grew from an idea of mine to two different courses in music industry, two in rock music, and establishing the school music technology lab,’ explained Hayden. ‘East and West High School have also started offering digital music courses (new this year) and are great examples of ways that schools, district, and communities are supportive in finding ways to encourage all students to be creative and help them make music.'”

Wauwatosa “very serious about providing good art education for their students
Check out this amazing quote from Daniel Chase with the Kansas City Art Institute about the Wauwatosa School District art program: “We come here every year because the schools (in Wauwatosa) go above and beyond and they set up these events and are very serious about providing good art education for their students.”

Did you know? 
Did you know the Wauwatosa School District is one of the most diverse and most successful school districts in the state? Check out this TMJ4 story to see why and how Tosa is enabling all students to succeed. Way to go, Tosa schools!

Congrats Officer Tracy!
Wauwatosa Police Officer Tracy Burbach received the Mayor’s Award for Exceptional Service at Longfellow Middle School Oct 5 for her work as a school resource officer.

Relationships Sept 2017
Check out this awesome McKinley video!

Our Tosa schools help ALL KIDS succeed! 
The Wauwatosa School District was honored at a recognition dinner Sept. 21 in Washington D.C. for its commitment to eliminate access gaps to its most rigorous college-ready pathways or courses.

Innovation in our kids’ schools!
This year, a new math curriculum, a middle school STEM expansion, enhancements to English, renovations to a theater and libraries, and new playground “buddy benches” are some of the improvements made by theWauwatosa School District.

Eight Wauwatosa high school seniors named National Merit Scholar semifinalists 
Eight high school seniors from the Wauwatosa School District have been named semifinalists for the 2017 National Merit Scholarship.

Congratulations to Wauwatosa teacher Chris Lazarski and Students  
Teacher Chris Lazarski and Wauwatosa West students will participate in PBS NewsHour’s STEM Student Reporting Labs program.  The program will train high school students in video journalism and send them into their local national parks to produce unique stories from America’s canyons, craters and mountain peaks.


Please contact us if you have anything that you would like to submit. Go Tosa Schools!